Saturday, August 27 2011

Enjoy yourself and make a difference!

Tickets $10.00

All proceeds go to support The Youth Emergency Shelter

Adorn Founder and Chair : Sophie McKinnon

I know how it feels to want to be "grown up" or to be treated like I am. I don't know anyone who hasn't felt, at some point, that they aren't being treated like the "grown up" they are. Adorn is a fashion show for teens, to help teens. I want the teens who come to feel pampered, like a celebrity, and have something to talk about and remember throughout the year.

Adorn is also a fundraiser for The Youth Emergency Shelter

Society (YESS). YESS works with teens whose worries are a lot bigger than mine, or my friends. They reach out to teenagers who have nowhere to go, who've been abused, have no place to eat, sleep, or live safely. While I'm worrying about exams and what to wear, there are kids my age worrying about where their next meal will come from, or if they'll have a place to sleep. The most important thing is to maybe help teens who haven't had the chance to feel special or grown up, to feel even that someone out there cares, and to help them move on from their difficult beginnings and go on to having amazing lives.

Featured Teen Designer : Andrea De Ocampo

Andrea Isabelle De Ocampo has taken the Fashion world by storm. After appearing at Western Canada Fashion Week 2011 this spring (and learning to sew just weeks before), 15 yr old Andrea De Ocampo won Emerging Designer for her Chanel Inspired garment. She is already sewing outfits for the Western Canadian Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 show. She will be displaying some of the outfits from both of these shows as well as a few teen-specific designs created just for Adorn.

Read more about Andrea on her tumblr site, youtube channel, or facebook page.

Teen DJ: DJ JD ( Matthew McNeill)

13 year old DJ JD (Matthew McNeill) is a natural DJ. His dad says he picked up the techniques faster than he could teach them, and although he has been watching his dad spin for years, Matthew has his own flare to put on things, including his DJ name (he likes the symmetry of it). Matthew is a strong believer in helping teens who are faced with difficult situations.

The YESS Armoury Centre

10310-85 ave

2-4 PM

Fashion show...

raffle... prizes... DJ... treats

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Andrea De Ocampo